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Hello client, my old friend.

My name is Andersson Quegi, but you can call me Sauro. I'm a UX Designer currently living in Curitiba, Brazil.
8 years of experience with skills in Service Design, Product Management and Strategic Planning.

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Kiss your past good-bye ~

A web content agency focused on SEO, monetization and performance. In one year accumulated more than 50 million unique visitors in its more than 20 websites.

In Susse I was responsible for planning, architecture, design, development and implementation of themes, plugins in the websites using the platform WordPress.

Joox is a digital platform for the personalization of products with premium printing quality. Its main products are business cards, mini-cards, stickers and other personalized materials. Everything can be made by anyone with a simple and intuitive web tool.

Joox products are created with the principles of design thinking and the variable data technology, which allows for the printing of many items in a single project.

From 2012 to 2014 I coordinated the design / front-end team in developing the new website, the user dashboard, the customization tool and the Joox App. was established in 2004 and is a OTA specialist in Brazilian market. In order to offer the best rates on hotels throughout Brazil and the best ways of lodging.

Since 2012, the is part of the TUI Group, one of the largest holdings of the world tourism industry, present in 180 countries and reaching 30 million customers worldwide.

For one year I leaded the UX / UI Design team, responsible for the concept of redesign of the main company's website, coordination of new mobile applications solutions and planning innovation projects for OTA services. Always focusing in the user experience and the conversion inside the products.

As Product Manager, I'm responsible for keeping the product moving in the right direction and stipulating priorities in development, in addition to coordinating work in different departments, maintaining a proper communication on the team.

As a UX Designer, I'm the responsible to work through with all stages of the product, from strategic planning, business plan and definitions of features. As well as information architecture, sketching, wireframes (low / med / high fidelity), prototyping and user testing.

I've got what you need!

UX / UI Design

Elaboration of projects with smart structures, simple layout and attractive design in order to offer a better user experience with high conversion. Whether for the web or mobile devices.

Product Manager

Coordination of creative teams, flow definitions and methodologies development. As well as digital research environment and user behavior. Creation of strategic actions for new products and projects.

Service Design

Study the interactions between all the people involved in the business, not just the final consumer. Also, take care of processes, spaces, devices where the service takes place and experience that the company wants users to have.

Let's talk about that...

I’ve been working with web and mobile projects for the last 8 years. Sometimes inside big and traditional companies, sometimes with young startups. In every project that I worked, I was responsible for create a balance between the good user experience, an attractive design and a consistent performance. Using the knowledge and the techniques that I acquired over the years.

I like the challenge of making things better, easier and prettier. And as a strategist, I need to always be keeping myself updated with the latest web trends and technology. If I don’t know how to do, I know the way to find the solution as soon as possible.

I spent years living as a freelancer and always studying about design, marketing and web development. Over the years I acquired a lot of knowledge in this area, it was not easy and I went through hard times, but with that, my passion was born and I made my decision: that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. :)

When I'm not working, I like to walk with my dogs, clean my house, cycling and playing football. You can see more about me on Twitter, my photos on Instagram, some texts that I recommend on Medium and professional details on LinkedIn.

If you have some really cool project that you'd like to show me or if you think we should work together, send me a email, let's talk!

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